Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lady in Waiting

My students are getting ready to begin a pretty big collaborative assignment.  Today I asked the class to consider what they were looking for in a partner.  With that in mind I asked that they come up with a few interview questions.  To make sure they were on the right track I asked for volunteers to share questions they might use in the interview process.  For the most part they were on target.

Do you like writing?
Will you be able to stay on task for this assignment?
Are you willing to listen to different ideas?

And then there's the wise-guy question that was posed by one boy.

Are you willing to do all of the work?

Later as I walked around the class I noticed that one girl included the question, Are you a girl? in her interview list.

I stopped and asked if she would only work with girls.

"Yes." she replied.  "The boys are so immature."

Uh, yeah.

Don't worry, I thought, they'll catch up eventually.

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