Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Say Aaahhh--Part II

Root wasn't too bad.  As promised my endodontist had all kinds of great bedside manner. He was able to talk me through the procedure and shoot my mouth up with anesthesia without so much as a wiggle from me.  While I waited for my mouth to get nice and numb his assistant offered me a glass of water and a fresh supply of People magazines.  Once Dr. Chun got to work he quickly scraped out what needed scraping all while making sure I wasn't feeling any pain at all.  The slightest wince on my part was answered by another hit of numbness from the good doctor.

An hour later my tooth was free of any diseased pulp and I was up to date on the latest entertainment news.  I'll check back next week.  There may be more drilling, but at least I know if there is it's no big deal.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you survived it! My dentist used to have DVD goggles and I loved going in for long, feature-length procedures. I don't know what happened to the goggles but I do know I no longer like going!