Thursday, February 19, 2015

Talkin' About the Weather

How cold is it?  Right now, according to Accuweather, the temperature in my fair city is 13F.  The wind-chill temperature is at 3F.  Yup, that's damn cold.

Earlier today my niece's boyfriend, Dan, made reference to the cold temperature in his location on social media.  It was a ghastly 28F in Savannah, GA this afternoon.  Certainly with temperatures like that no college student of the south could be expected to leave the comfort of his or her dorm room. At least that's what Dan thought.

My mother quickly shot back.  It was 15F in Bel Air, where she lives.

The final shot across the bow came from my niece, Megan, who is busy freezing her butt off north of Pittsburgh.  Her response came IN ALL CAPS- IT'S NEGATIVE 15 HERE.

Megan wins.  Game. Set. Match.


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