Saturday, February 7, 2015

My College Radio Debut

About a month ago my niece, Megan, put out the call for writing.  She's in her first year of college and has been spending some time on the college radio station.  This semester she was interested in trying to create some podcasts of other people's writing.  Being the supportive aunt and writer that I am I looked through some old blog posts and put together a little something.

I put together three separate blogposts from 2013 and emailed her my memories of college.  Not being a fan of my own recorded voice I told her she could find someone to make the audio of my words.  Unsure of what she would do with my work I pretty much forgot about it.  Until last night.

That's when the word came that her radio theme for the night was college.  I sent off a quick text suggesting she play Steely Dan's "My Old School."  She thanked me for the request and let me know that she would also be playing a recording of the writing I'd sent her.

Friday was an eleven-hour workday for me.  By the time I got home at the end of a very long day I could only think of ordering a pizza, putting on my pajamas and waiting for an appropriate bedtime. Megan's news gave me a little energy, just enough to keep me up long enough to hear most of her radio show and my own words read over the air.

It was pretty cool laying in bed listening to my own scattered thoughts.


  1. That is really cool! I would love to hear her show sometime.