Friday, February 6, 2015

It May Take Some Time

So I'm in the thick of the new education fad of one to one devices in schools.  Last December all 6th graders were issued the very own iPad.  Back then we teachers clearly outlined the county's acceptable use policy so students would understand what kind of iPad activity is allowed and what is not. Everyone signed an agreement saying they would abide by the given rules and the devices were issued.

Six weeks later and I'm feeling just a tad over the whole thing.  Believe me, in the end I think it will all work out.  But right now this teacher is wishing kids would remember to bring their homework, pencils and paper with the same gusto that they remember to bring their iPads.

On a more positive note I have found some great ways to connect my homework assignments to the student's new device.  I've also found that these kids can be quite creative in their problem solving. When they do download things like Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Madden Mobile, Crossy Road and a host of other games they shouldn't, they are real good at hiding the icons in the secret folders they create inside of other secret folders.

Here's hoping that once the novelty wears off they will use all that creativity for the greater good.

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