Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Say Aaahh

My pink, squishy tongue has long resided inside my small, by doctor's accounts, mouth. Tongue, gums and teeth are well acquainted so when my tongue slid around my mouth the other night it was instantly aware that something wasn't quite right.  With a little more probing I could feel a chunk of my upper molar missing.

Fortunately, I wasn't suffering from any real tooth-related pain so I didn't panic too much.

Until this afternoon when I went to see my dentist.

A cracked #14 was confirmed by x-rays, as was decay in the root.  I looked at the x-rays, which meant nothing to me, as Dr. Gregory explained what needed to happen.  There would be root canal by an Endodontist, followed by a new crown.

Then we talked about money and the approximate cost for everything that needed to be done.

Ouch, now that hurt.

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  1. Ouch indeed!! Loved your post today. (Root canal isn't as bad as it sounds.)