Saturday, March 17, 2012

Accepting the Gift of the Day

The fabulous weather was calling me today.  I spent the morning taking care of a few errands, but by about 2:00 pm I was on my bike ready for a long ride.  The route I decided upon is a loop, about 16 miles long, around the perimeter of Arlington, VA.  The bike trails are one thing I love about the area.  I can leave my house and take the bike trail to George Washington's home at Mount Vernon, the National Mall, or I can just take a ride along the Potomac River and enjoy the landscape.

The trail was pretty busy today.  There were the runners and the walkers as well as all the bikers.  The usual crowds gathered at the end of the runway at National Airport, eager to experience the thrill of the constant flow of airplanes taking off and landing overhead.  I didn't stop to watch but noted the joy on many faces as they sat in the grass and enjoyed the beautiful day with friends and family. 

My legs worked hard as the trail climbed from Roosevelt Island, past the Key Bridge and onward.  At mile 12 I picked up a ladybug who enjoyed a ride on my sleeve until mile 14 where she took off, perhaps to check out what was growing in the nearby community gardens.

I was home about 90 minutes later feeling refreshed and content.


  1. Sounds like a perfect activity to take advantage of the great weather. Wonder what that ladybug decided to have for dinner.

  2. Your post brings back such vivid memories for me of the days way back in the '70s when I lived right off US 1 in Alexandria and used to ride those same trails. Thanks for dredging up some wonderful memories.

  3. Sounds like a wonderfully adventurous bike ride for early in the season! What a beautiful route you had!

  4. You rock. Not only do have easy access to the trail, but you actually use it. That sounds like an awesome loop.