Friday, March 9, 2012


Friday afternoons are often productive ones for me in my classroom.  The afternoon is usually meeting free and since most of my teammates clear out quickly I find myself alone in our little pod of classrooms.  The lack of distractions and quiet is just what I need to clean up my desk and get ready for the coming week.

I stayed at work until about 5:00 today.  Goal number one was making sure all of my copies were ready for Monday's classes.  I then spent about 30 minutes clearing the books and papers that had been cluttering my workspace.  A little bit of planning was next on the agenda.  I'm starting a new unit next week, one I haven't taught before, so I spent some time thinking about how my ideas would align with the standards I wanted to cover.

I filed a few papers and in the process ended up cleaning up the team room as well.  Discarded coats, gloves and sweaters were placed in the school's lost and found and old papers that had taken up residence in the nooks of the area were recycled.

Finally, I gathered up the papers that I needed to grade. The stack was rather intimidating so I decided to be realistic and leave half of them on my desk.  I shut the door and walked out with my bag slung over my left shoulder, ready to face the weekend and Monday morning.


  1. Like you I stayed at work until 5 today. It was actually productive. I called parents. Once actually called back. He texted his son who was still on campus and his son was able to drop by to pick up some work to do in Saturday school. On Friday's I normally walk, today I was glad to stay in.

  2. I like your matter of fact tone in this Mary. There is no judgement when you leave 1/2 a stack on your desk.

  3. I stayed late today, too. It is such a relief to leave knowing you're prepared for Monday. Even if you return to half your papers. At least it's only half.