Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Ride

This afternoon I ducked out of work shortly after the bell rang to make my yearly trek downtown to take in the blooming cherry blossoms that line the perimeter of the Tidal Basin.  There were a few clouds in the sky, as well as some chatter about the possibility of a thunderstorm, but I decided it was another great day for a bike ride. 

Let me just say that Monday afternoon bike rides are even better than Saturday afternoon bike rides, simply due to the lack of traffic.  In fact, I was probably the most annoying person on the trail this afternoon.   With a little bit of country music piping into my ears I found myself completely distracted by the landscape as well as the sounds running around my brain.  Many a cyclist took me by surprise as they zoomed past me on my left side.

With my bike secured at the Jefferson Memorial I strolled around the Tidal Basin to take in the pink and white blossoms of the famous cherry trees.  The blossoms did not disappoint, but then again they never have before.

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