Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daily Savings

I got caught up on a lot of paperwork over the weekend.  The stack of open mail had been growing on the table near the front door.  There were bills to file and issues to resolve.  One of those issues was my bill for the Washington Post.

I've been a subscriber for almost 20 years but recently I took a good look at the amount of money I was spending and started to wonder if the money I was putting out was really worth it.  My bill was close to $50 every six weeks; it just seemed like way too much especially when I considered the papers that went unread.  By Saturday I was ready to make the call and change to a Sunday only subscription.

It took the customer service representative a few seconds to pull up my account.  When she did she remarked on the number of years that I'd been a subscriber, she also asked why I was changing my service.  As soon as I let her know the cost was too much she was ready with a new deal.  I could switch to the Sunday only service for $1.82 a week or I could get Sunday and weekday delivery for $1.81 a week.

Crazy, right?  Part of me was relieved that I wouldn't have to give up my daily paper, the other part of me was mad that I hadn't called earlier...like 150 dollars ago.

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