Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Noisy Change

“The birds are back in a big way.”  

That’s what one of my students said to me early this morning.  Interestingly enough we had opposite reactions to that observation.  Just as I was getting ready to tell him how much I enjoyed hearing the frenetic, joyful chirping outside of my window he let out of a puff of air.

“They’re so annoying!  I can’t stand it!”

I countered with, “Okay, but don’t you love how happy and cheerful they are?  I wish I had their energy so early in the morning.”

That conversation stopped pretty quickly, as most do in homeroom, when another student interrupted with a somewhat related thought.

"It's the squirrels that bug me.  They're always scratching on my roof.  They wake me up, it's terrible."

"I know, but have you ever watched them as run around and jump from tree to tree?  They aren't always annoying. Ya know, sometimes they can be pretty cute." I responded.

Yes, the wildlife has been pretty busy the last few weeks.  The robins are back along with the much quieter daffodils.  Spring is a showy time in the DC area, it's only fitting that a little bit of noise comes along with its arrival.


  1. Mary - you have such a great way of ending a piece like this with a poignant point. I agree with your student, the birds are noisy and disruptive. Perhaps I'm a little grouchy!
    Welcome back to you too!

  2. I totally thought you were going to make a connection between the chatter of the animals and the chatter of our kids. That must just be my perspective.

  3. No robins or daffodils in Southwestern Ontario yet. I can't wait. We shouldn't be too far behind you.

  4. I was recently thinking of how I used to talk to squirrels and birds as a little one. Kids today just aren't listening to the wisdom our wild kingdom has to share.

  5. glad to see you are writing again
    love you

  6. The birds are back...and so are you. Glad you are writing with us this March.