Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Nice Surprise

A month ago I was moaning about the post-Christmas poverty I was feeling.  Medical bills arrived out of nowhere and then there were the new brakes my mechanic said I needed.  

Don't worry; I'm good at living on less.  I've been doing it for most of my life.  Back in high school my best friend gave me a copy of Judith Viorst's, Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday.  She wrote me a note inside the front cover telling me how I reminded her a bit of Alexander.

Last week I was able to work out some of those medical bills with my insurance company, and then on Saturday I found a check for almost $200 in my stack of unopened mail.  Suddenly, things were looking up.

Today another pleasant surprise came my way.  It seems my mother, who has a whole bunch of air miles to spend, would like to go to England and Scotland this summer.  She's turning 80 in June and is up for a big treat for herself AND her two daughters.

Watch out we come!


  1. It's like finding cash in your coat pocket. Unexpected and always welcome.

  2. I love how you share some down times and then the surprises that have come your way. It's nice to have things turn around - be proud you stuck through the icky.

  3. So jealous. I, too, like the uptick at the end - and what an uptick it is!