Friday, March 6, 2015

I Have Plenty of Fun, Thank You

So, I'm an introvert.  I'm fine with that.  After years of wondering why I dislike all those activities that extroverts love I figured out it was because I wasn't one of them.  Many of my friends are extroverts and that's a-okay because we play well together.  You see I don't have anything against extroverts, really there are days I wish I could be more like them.  That being said I must add that sometimes those outgoing types really should think before they speak.

Or in this case write...

While reading over a Rick Steves travel guide today I was shocked, and rather annoyed, to see the following:  "Connecting with people carbonates your experience.  Extroverts have more fun."


Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know what he was trying to say.  When visiting another place be sure to get in there and really know the people.  Spend time talking to others, blah, blah, blah.  I get that and have no problem with that.  But really to say that extroverts have more fun?  Was that necessary?

Years ago I was drinking my way through Bourbon St. during Mardi Gras.  My extroverted friend and I were hanging out in a bar listening to a band when they suggested she get on stage and play tambourine with them.  Of course she jumped right on stage and played along.  I had a great deal of fun watching and cheering her on during her French Quarter debut.

The one part that wasn't fun about that entire weekend in New Orleans was what came after my friend left the stage.  That's because it was then that she pretty much forced me, with tambourine thrust in my hand, up on stage.


  1. If we introverts were into uniting, we could probably do something about this dang bias!

  2. I apologize - I get it - extroverts want everyone to be happy and we forget that many people are happy! I guess it comes down to respecting that you have your "happy" under control. Will continue to work on this -

  3. And don't forget about the "Quiet Revolution". I love this book and this TED Talk:

  4. And don't forget about the "Quiet Revolution". I love this book and this TED Talk: