Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thoughts of Yellow

A few years ago my kind-hearted neighbor, Lou Ann, passed away.  She was older, about 78 or so, but very active.  We used to talk about her daffodils, the rose bushes she was never quite satisfied with and the stray cat that she had taken in.  

Her sudden passing was sad.  The fact that her funeral was the third one I'd been to in a short amount of time made it a tough one to swallow. 

A few weeks after the funeral I noticed another neighbor planting some small shrubs in a common green space between his door and Lou Ann's.

"These will have bright yellow blooms every spring." he remarked.  "They're for Lou Ann."

I thought again of the thick patch of daffodils outside of her door.  

"She'd like that." I responded.  "That’s a nice way to remember her."

Today as I made my way down the walk to my door I noticed those little yellow blooms starting to poke their way out.  I stopped for a moment to take a closer look and to think about Lou Ann.

I smiled- the daffodils outside of her old house should be blooming pretty soon.


  1. What a sweet memory. It is so lovely that your neighbor took the time to remember her in such a caring way. It reminds me to take a breath and thank those around me.

  2. Oh... daffodils are one of my favorites too. So beautiful. What a wonderful tribute and yearly reminder of Lou Ann's kind spirit.