Friday, March 20, 2015

Getting in a Little Practice

Monday, the start of this workweek, seems like a month ago.  It's not that it was a terribly bad week at work, but these days before Spring Break seem to squeeze every second out of every minute of the 24-hour day.  This teacher is tired and ready for a change of pace.

The joys of a weeklong spring break are a still seven days away; so tonight it's all about small rewards.  Tonight, in my house, there will be pizza, beer, wings and basketball.  Bedtime will come early and all morning alarms will be shut down.  The next two days will be sort of a "Spring Break Drill."

After all, practice makes perfect.


  1. Oh, the promise of Spring Break! Some days it's all that keeps us going. Enjoy practicing! The real thing will be here before you know it!

  2. I just had to read a post by Mary since I too have that name. It is not so common. Lo and behold I would approach Spring Break in the same way, but ours is not until after the Easter three day break. But we have cherry blossoms and the magical flower explosion that occurs in DC every Spring…I can not wait. Enjoy your break!