Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Schedule

I like to start the day by sleeping late and relaxing with the paper and a big cup of coffee.  I enjoyed both this morning.  Don't worry- neither kept me from getting to everything else I wanted to get done.  By 2:00 pm my third load of laundry was in and I was working on the fifth small stack of papers that I needed to grade.  I watched as my cat had his own kind of Sunday- one spent lounging in the sun on the window seat that overlooks the back yard.  From my perch at the dining room table I had my own view of what was happening out back.  I watched as the season's first chipmunk scurried around the brick patio from one hole to another.  Birds swooped in to the feeder and squirrels busied themselves in the ways that squirrels do.  I was startled to see a gigantic black crow dive by in flight before lifting himself up to soar back up into the sky.

I considered waking up the cat so he could enjoy all of his favorite sights in the backyard.  In the end I let him sleep away the afternoon.  After all, he can watch pretty much the same show tomorrow or any other day.


  1. I am always amazed how much my cats sleep! Such a life.

  2. Sounds like YOU were in the cat bird seat!