Thursday, March 22, 2018

Springtime Shenanigans

Yesterday's snow is no more, thanks to the late March sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon.  The sledding hill outside my door is nothing but mud and worn down, brown grass. 

Lack of snow wasn't going to stop the two young men I spied as I walked to my car this evening.  The boys, about 8 or 9 years old, were equipped with two small pink trikes.  Well, one was a trike- the other was a small hippopotamus-shaped wagon designed for pulling by an adult.  They lined their vehicles at the top of the hill and surveyed the situation. 

Boy #1 remarked, "This is probably a stupid idea."

"Yea, it looks kind of stupid to me," I added.

Boy #2 cracked a smile.  "You're the smart one," I laughed.  "At least you're waiting to see how it works out for him."

The hippo wagon took off down the hill, Boy #1 yelling and laughing the whole way down. 

He made it safely.  I laughed right along with both boys and waited long enough to see the trike stop short before it even got a chance to get going.  Boy #2 did a face plant in the mud.

Not to worry though- he got right back up with a chuckle and a smile.

Yup, it's starting to feel like springtime.

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  1. Kids know how to have fun--and it sounds like you have no intention of spoiling it.