Thursday, March 1, 2018

To the Moon, Alice!

Last October, on a whim, I adopted a kitten- making me one cat short of a crazy cat lady.  Well, crazy if you consider three to be the magic number signifying feline insanity.  

Alice arrived on a Saturday afternoon- much to the surprise of the resident cat, Edgar.  It wasn't exactly a warm welcome.  In fact, the first sound out of Edgar when he spotted the new gray kitty, was a short, low growl punctuated by a quick, to the point, hiss.  Alice, not one to be easily rattled, perked up her head and jumped down to get a closer look at the older black cat.  She's been doing her best to follow him around ever since.  Edgar, on the other hand, has been doing his best to keep her at a distance.

Quiet evenings at home are often interrupted by a quick cat tiff.  Alice chases Edgar.  Edgar growls and takes a swat at Alice's head.  The chase continues and before long there is a ball of cats rolling around the living room floor.  Alice thinks they're playing.  Edgar thinks having a younger sibling is nothing short of a pain in the ass.

Eventually, the activity quiets down and Edgar settles in for a nap on the back of the couch.  Alice waits until Edgar's head is tucked under his paw signifying he's asleep.  It's only then that she curls up right next to him.

After all, he is her best friend.  Eventually, Edgar will feel the same way.  Until then, the fur will keep flying.


  1. Poor Alice! It's tough being the baby sister!

  2. Love the ending! I'm sure he'll come around soon.

  3. You have captured their personalities so well with your words. I felt as if I was there with you watching their antics!

  4. This sounds like unconditional love to me. I love Alice's patience and persistence.

  5. I love your closing line. I can picture your cats tumbling through the house!