Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Day 1.1

 The large window in my classroom has a great view of the elementary school that was built just a few years ago in the space that was formerly taken up by a parking lot...for staff at my school. (But that's another story) The resentment I felt has, for the most part, subsided and now I try to concentrate on the new views I can see each day from my workspace.

This morning I was able to watch as the first families dropped off their young Kindergarteners and 1st and 2nd graders for their first day of learning in the school building. 

I have fond memories of those first days from my time teaching elementary school. My 5th-grade classroom window offered a great view of the front of the school where I could watch parents offer final words of reassurance as their 1st-time students walked toward the school's entrance.

Today I watched as parents and youngsters walked toward the towering building. Parents with arms wrapped around their kids and kids with eyes on the big building in front of them. No doubt, the emotions all were feeling ran the gamut from sadness to excitement. The kids have been home for a long time and for them a school year without a school building isn't quite right. Of course, parents have been looking for a break from the daily grind of learning from a distance and their day had finally come.

Even so, I wonder how long it was until parent and child thought about the other and how much they missed being together.


  1. It isn't simple that's for sure. Thanks for capturing this precious moment in time.

  2. That is poignant writing Mary. You wrap it all together so well with the ending.

  3. If how long it took me to miss my dog while at school is any indication... they might have lasted 30 mins! ;)

    I wish I could see the littles from my room! I bet that was a cute sight to see yesterday.

  4. What a powerful view considering the events of this week.