Thursday, March 11, 2021

Walking Through the Past

A few months into the pandemic I found a new path to walk on. This new path, sometimes muddy from the rain, led to the historic Ivy Hill Cemetery. I've lived in my current home for over 20 years and all the runs and walks I've taken over the years had never led me down that small muddy path.

 Now that I've found this little nugget of history I have a hard time staying away. There's a lot to love about an old cemetery. Its position along King St. allows for some wonderful late afternoon light. Just yesterday afternoon I stopped to marvel at the low light of the setting sun as it streamed through the tall oaks and illuminated the old gravestones.

The cemetery is home to somewhere around 10,000 graves. That's a lot of people. 

Walking along the cemetery roads I like to look at names and dates. From there, I imagine the life they may have lived considering the time of their birth and death. Each walk I take brings another opportunity to make up someone's story. For me, this creative kind of walk takes my mind off of the exercise I'm seeking and allows me to relax and unwind.


  1. I love that you found a path that you'd never walked after living in the same place for 20 years! That's so cool. And so true: surely there are loads of paths for us to discover right where we are.

  2. Very cool. I love walking through cemeteries too - so much history!

  3. Now that's some kinesthetic learning right there. So neat.

  4. How cool to find an old gem like this in your very own neck of the woods!