Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Pivot- a word that I haven't heard since Sr. Rita Woehlcke tried to coach me in basketball back in 9th grade. And suddenly it's back in fashion. 

I heard our school superintendent use it a few weeks ago as we prepared to go back to the physical classroom. And then our Director of Guidance sent out his "Pivot Table" that showed how each student would be attending class once we rolled back in. Honestly, I haven't seen a word so popular in school culture since...asynchronous came to power this time last year.

Yesterday afternoon my principal showed up in my classroom to inform me I'd be pivoting back to home instruction. Yup- a student tested positive so I was heading home until cleared to return.

But wait...I'm fully vaccinated! Isn't that supposed to keep me safe?

It does, but it took the county and something known as the Qualtrics screener a day to catch up to that.

So tomorrow morning I'll pack up my stuff again and pivot back into the classroom...until the next time.

No worries- I'll be wearing tennis shoes to work for the rest of the year so I'll be ready to pivot just like Sr. Rita taught me.


  1. Funny how you capture the seesaw life we're all getting ready to lead, while focusing on the use of the new word! Also the 'asynchronous' reminder had me chuckling!

  2. Your slice today makes me think about how many words were not part of our lives a year ago- pandemic, online learning, Zoom, pivot, face covering, physical distancing, contact tracing... Sorry you are home while your exposure is determined. It is a crazy year. Pivoting requires us all to be so agile. There is a calmness in the feel of your slice- and I hope that is what you are feeling as you adjust to another change in plans.

  3. Funny! I was throwing around "asynchronous" one day and my daughter said, "You know only teachers use that word, right?" :)

  4. Great slice, Mary! Overusing the newfound word made me laugh out loud. Our teaching vocabularies sure have grown in the past year of pivoting from asynchronous to synchronous, to concurrent virtual/hybrid!

  5. Holy moly. I gasped out loud when I read this! Of all the pivots, I was not expecting that one.

  6. I love it. Asynchronous, pivot... what's next?? I wore sweats today at home -funny how lighting-quick I transitioned back to them.