Monday, March 15, 2021

Here, There, and Everywhere

Since I left work on Friday I have flown to Rhode Island, driven from Rhode Island back home, driven to my hometown of Bel Air, Md, taken my mother to the doctor, and driven back home for my asynchronous workday.

Before I left I made sure to arrange for a pet sitter to come in and feed my two cats. In the end, I didn't need as much cat sitting as I thought. Thanks to incredible traffic on I-95 I was home from Rhode Island early Saturday evening. On Sunday, I hung out at home much longer than planned so I didn't need cat care that day. 

This morning, my mother's 7:30 appointment was finished by about 8:15 so I was back home by about 10:00- before Joe, the Catsitter, even showed up.

Even with all the driving I did in the last three days I never felt rushed or road-weary. Bright blue skies abounded all weekend making for smooth sailing and fun driving. 


  1. How wonderful that you got out and about! I'm impressed at how incredibly productive you were - and I love that it is measured in Cat Sitter Time! Was it Covid Traffic patterns?

  2. That's a super productive weekend. I like how your last paragraph winds things down to a nice calm.

  3. And now you're grounded again!