Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Good Day

My sister is visiting for the weekend so we've been spending some time doing the stuff we like to do. The day started with a ride out to a few junk/antique shops about an hour west.  We did a lot of poking around and Jeen was able to pick up a few pieces to match a discontinued dinnerware set she owns.  We weren't the only ones poking around the small town of Lucketts- the crowds in a few places were definitely messing with my claustrophobia.  By 1:00 pm our stomachs were starting to growl so we headed home for a late lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.

With stomachs full of fajitas we headed home for a little rest before a 7:00pm showing at the recently renovated movie theater down the street.  We were able to watch Brooklyn in full recline position while nibbling on popcorn and M & Ms.

Thinking about the day reminds me of a painted sign we saw at one of the stores we visited.  It read, "Today is a Good Day."

Yup, it was.


  1. It's amazing how good a day like this feels! I love how we can feel your day in the words and voice of your writing.

    Thank you for sharing this positive slice with us! :)

  2. This is a day I have to plan for myself. Excellent ideas--every one of them.