Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Oh Edgar

The first sounds I hear when I arrive home each evening are the soft, but urgent, meows of my new cat Edgar.  He is a young one- about six months old- and still at the stage where he worries that I may never return.  I am barely able to set down my bags before he is weaving in, out and all around me. When I walk upstairs cries come from the first floor, for once again Edgar thinks I have left him.

In the kitchen the meows continue and I am always fooled into thinking that hunger is the problem.  I work quickly to get his evening meal prepared only to be met with a toss of the head and another cry.

Finally, I take a seat on the couch.  Edgar is right there- jumping on my lap and rolling over so I can scratch under his chin and stroke his soft, black fur.  It's then I remember that he's just a baby and needs a little one on one attention.

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