Wednesday, March 2, 2016


One thing over 20 years in the classroom has taught me is patience.  Don't get me wrong-I can lose that skill on a daily basis when I find myself repeating the same directions over and over.  In the classroom there are plenty of events that can ruffle my ability to smile and stay calm, but in the outside world I find myself with an uncanny ability to wait when others cannot.

This evening I stopped in the local Giant to pick up a few items.  It was early so with very few shoppers about there were only two full-service checkout lines open.  I took my place in line behind an elderly woman and watched as she placed her 2 yogurt containers, one onion, one red potato and loaf of bread on the conveyor belt.  I eyed the candy display and considered the calories in a bag of peanut M&Ms- too many, so I shifted my attention to the magazine rack.  Unfortunately, the magazine covers on display were the same ones I had read last Saturday so I turned to slowly placing my items on the conveyor belt.  Once I had unloaded my 10 -12 items I realized the lady in front of me was having some issues with the card scanner.  Her troubles didn't really bother me, but they were definitely creating quite the line behind me.  Before long there was a call for back up along with a few groans and mutters as a few less patient shoppers shifted to a newly opened register.  

I held my ground and waited...patiently.  I was happy to be still with nothing but the thoughts of Hollywood's latest news and M&Ms in my head.


  1. I'm so glad you were there as a patient buffer for her. You deserve the M & Ms!

  2. Hmm - and my post is about losing it! Love it.