Thursday, March 3, 2016

First World Problems

I wonder if other teachers feel that little change that comes on just before Spring Break.  Over here in 6th grade we are experiencing a whirlwind of attitude and shenanigans.  Even though it's not much different than other years- trying to teach while thoughtfully wading through behavior issues that pop up like prairie dogs can be challenging.  Just today the math teacher on my team had to deal with a sobbing 12 year-old boy.  The student was distraught- not because he was injured, not because he was failing math...he was distraught because his iPad was to be confiscated for the weekend.

Apparently, the teacher took it yesterday after finding more than one non-approved app on the school-issued device.  When the student came back at the end of the day to retrieve it the teacher was in a meeting.  After 3 hours without his iPad that 12 year-old boy was no doubt suffering from the first symptoms of technology withdrawal.  I can only imagine the stress and anxiety he was feeling mucked up his thought process- he took his iPad from the teacher's desk and went home.

I always tell my students actions have consequences.  Taking something from a teacher's desk is not cool kids- no matter how hard it is to live for 16 hours or so without the ability to feel the warmth of that germy iPad in your hand.  Today, said student learned his iPad would be locked up until Monday.

Cue the hysteria.

 Spring Break, where are you?


  1. Hmm - looking forward to the hysterics tomorrow!

  2. "Pop up like prairie dogs" Ca-ching! Nice writin' Mar!

  3. That's exactly how my class was today...your post inspired mine!

  4. Love your post! Such descriptive language, "Popping up like prairie dogs" and "the warmth of that germy iPad" and I could just feel this little kids' angst and the mental eye rolling of the teacher. Really? This is the disaster in your life?

    Better to learn now about logical consequences than as an adult!

  5. Shenanigans, indeed! Nice piece of writing here, Mary!