Sunday, March 27, 2016

No Plans, No Problem

My Spring Break was spent at home.  If you asked me what I was going to do over the break ten days ago I would have responded that I had no plans.  I figured I'd enjoy some down time and make a dent in a stack of papers I brought home with me.

Things didn't quite work out the way I thought they would, but that's okay.  My unplanned break was fun from beginning to end.  Over the past ten days I was able to:

1.  Have an impromptu Easter dinner with most of the family 8 days early.
2.  Sample 4 different crab cakes in my search for the best crab cake in the Baltimore area.  (I found the best one so far in my hometown of Bel Air).
3.  Enjoy laughs and drinks with two of my dearest friends.
4.  Tour a gravel pit and get fresh eggs from a friend's chickens.
5.  Enjoy a long dinner out with a friend I rarely get to see unless I'm sick.  (She's also my doctor).
6.  Spend two fabulous days touring DC with my sister and niece, including a great showing of the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin.
7.  Enjoy Sally Field's latest movie.
8.  Watch a lot of NCAA basketball.
9.  Clean my house...mess it up...and then clean it again.
10.  Find out what was going on with my knee.  I'm on the road to recovery!
11.  Grade exactly one of those papers I brought home with me.

I couldn't have planned it any better.

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  1. Sounds perfect! I love the stance of having no expectations and then being thrilled with what you ARE able to accomplish. I vow to approach my April break the same way!