Monday, March 7, 2016

Missing Someone

The first sound I heard as I opened my front door this morning was the distant squawk of a skein of geese flying overhead.  In a split second my thoughts went back to the cornfield next to my grandmother's house.  As a young girl I saw more than my share of geese flying over that field.  I would watch as v-shaped formation would glide through bright blue skies and wonder about the sights they might see on their journey.

This morning I looked up and wondered exactly the same thing.  In that moment I felt like I was 10 again.  I smiled and turned toward my car to head to work as I thought of all the other memories that cornfield held for me.  By the time I pulled open the car door I found myself missing my grandmother as much as I did the day she died thirteen years ago.


  1. I heard those geese this morning, too, and the first thing I thought of was Mary Oliver. I like the wondering in this post.

  2. It is unfathomable the things that bring out that heartfelt feeling of missing so ed one. The number of days or years does not seem to make a difference, it just comes over us of its own will.