Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Impressed and Amazed on a Daily Basis

I recently had a friend tell describe me as "not easily impressed."  I didn't really know how to take the comment.  Surely my friend didn't give her words much thought, but they may quite the impression on me.

The thing is I'm impressed with things everyday.  This morning I woke up to the alarm set on my cell phone.  With eyes shut and body wrapped tight in blankets I thought about the little wind up Big Ben alarm my grandmother used along with all the different alarm clocks I've used in my own life.  And then I thought just how amazing my little cell phone really is.  Call me impressed.

Walking toward the car about an hour later I spied the first oranges of the sunrise as it started to peak above the horizon.  The bare trees stood tall and strong waiting for the morning light.  It was quite an impressive scene.

This afternoon I met up with Pete-the guy who would be measuring me for my new orthotic inserts.  After a little chit-chat Pete told me he would be taking a cast of my feet.  Imagine my surprise when he pulled out his iPad to take pictures of my tired, less than perfect feet.  Once Pete was done he showed me the 3-D images he'd created and then with a click of the mouse sent them to Charlottesville so the lab could start creating my inserts.

Wow.  I was impressed.


  1. This made me laugh. If you are looking, you can find things that are impressive all day long. Can you imagine having to wind up your alarm clock? What a great idea, to really focus on all the things that are impressive throughout the day and then write about them. As your list grows, I think you should share your slice with your friend.

  2. My feet want to be impressed like this!!