Saturday, March 19, 2016

Crab Goals

My sister, niece and I have been working on a fun little goal.  We've decided to track down the best crab cake in the area.  The idea came up after I read an article in The Baltimore Sun that listed the 10 best crab cakes in the Baltimore area.  We started off sticking to the list provided but soon went rogue when just about everyone had their own idea about the best place to find the delicious treat.

Stops one and two on our crab cake tour took place last month.  The tastings were okay, I'd give them a B- and a C- respectively.  One had a nice base of lump crab meat but had some suspicious pimentos added to the filler that held the meat together.  I did not appreciate that.  The second sample was made mostly of back fin meat and tasted too fishy for me.

Today was lucky stop number three.  The 8 ounce crab cake was broiled to perfection and made up of lump crab meat.  There was no filler holding the meat together.  My sister took the first bite and let out an audible "yummmmm."    I followed suit as soon as the first chunk of sweet, white meat hit my tongue.  The three of us agreed that it was the best cake we've tried thus far.

If time allows there may be another tasting before I head home tomorrow.  Yeah, it's tough work but we're prepared to complete our mission no matter how long it takes.

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  1. Yum - your description has me drooling. Good luck with this mission!