Monday, March 22, 2021

A Silver Lining

In another silver lining of a pandemic world, 6th graders were able to meet with a local children's author this afternoon.

Tracey Kyle was engaging and excited to speak with our young writers. She offered advice on becoming a published author and reminded the students that they are all writers. She told the kids to read, read, read, and to keep a writing journal as a place to write down ideas and save whatever they may find inspiring.

The students were engaged and asked a variety of questions as they looked for advice on their own children's book they are writing in class.

I can't say that there's much I like about using programs like MS Teams, but the ability to have so many young writers talk with an author in such a casual atmosphere makes me like it a whole lot more.


  1. I was so glad so see this in action. Bravo, ELA 6!

  2. This is ABSOLUTELY a silver lining of the pandemic.

    I love hearing that your students were engaging. Isn't that the best?!?!