Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Different But The Same

It's the week before Spring Break and I've got my eye on the prize. If it was a typical school year I'd be cruising around the classroom checking in on students as they finish up writing their children's stories. Some students would be illustrating, others would be wishing they had not done so much procrastinating, and I'd be there to push them through to the finish.

In this non-typical year, I'm cruising up and down my attendance list. I'm checking in on the procrastinators and popping into the documents that have been shared with me to watch the students' writing and illustrating in action.

Yea, it's different, but it's also very much the same.


  1. My eye is on that prize as well! Sleepy heads and squirrels reminded me that 8th graders get some major spring fever this time of year.

  2. This will be a well deserved break for all! I know you're getting some gems in that writing they're doing, based on all the questions for the author on Monday.