Sunday, March 21, 2021

I Found This Interesting

 "I found this interesting."

The message along with a link came through Instagram. It said the sender was my sister but the message made me suspicious. So, after verifying that she had indeed sent the link I proceeded to the video she passed my way.

The story came from the Cincinnati Zoo and told the story of a kangaroo who, even though she had a baby recently, and had not bred since that birth, had another joey growing in her pouch. It seems that when she was carrying the joey now known as Pocket she was also carrying another fertilized embryo. 

Kangaroos have a superpower I never knew about. The mother kangaroo was able to pause her pregnancy.  Wikipedia tells me it's called embryonic diapause.  Once Pocket was out of the pouch and more independent, the paused embryo started to develop and eventually moved into the now vacant pouch.

My sister was right. That was interesting.


  1. Thank you for sharing such an interesting fact. Nature is truly amazing. What a great slice!

  2. How interesting, indeed! I’d love to see a real Kanga and her joey some day. I’m just not sure about a plane trip halfway around the world.

  3. Woah, that is fascinating for sure. I had no idea and that is most definitely a superpower. Imagine if we humans could press pause, wow!

  4. That is amazing. Life on this planet is astounding.

  5. Nature--never ceases to amaze.