Saturday, March 27, 2021

Riding With Ralph Down Memory Lane

There are only a few books that I remember reading as a child. My first memory revolves around my dad leading me up the stairs of the Towson library. Going upstairs was a huge deal. It was on the second floor of the small library that the chapter books were located. The first chapter book I checked out that night was Charlotte's Web- still a favorite to this day.

The other book I loved back then was The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. I like reading. I just don't love it. As an English teacher that's a tough confession to make so maybe I should restate that. I am an extremely picky reader. If I don't like a book I do not have the patience or stamina to slog my way through it. For example, I have tried over and over and over again to read The Poisonwood Bible. Every time I give it a go I end up putting it down. I finally gave up trying.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle held my 8-year-old attention from the very start. I can still picture myself with the book in my hand, eyes darting across the page, so interested in what would happen to Ralph.

Charlotte's Web was one of the books we read when I taught 3rd grade so I've been able to revisit that story many times. I haven't had the same pleasure with The Mouse and the Motorcycle. With a week of Spring Break in front of me, I think it may be time for a motorcycle trip down memory lane. 


  1. I really appreciate this post. I love reading so much that I need to be reminded that this is not always the case with everyone. I am not a math person at all. You mentioned 'Runaway Ralph.' The author was one of my favorites (Beverly Cleary) as a child. She passed away yesterday at the age of 104. She really had a huge impact on the youngest readers with her work and pulled them into the fun of reading. Thanks for the post!

  2. What a fitting tribute to the late author, Mary!

  3. It is more than fine to be picky. Why waste time with something less than inspiring? Life is too short!