Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blinded by the Light

The blue skies and bright sun had both of us fooled. We sat on the window seat watching a squirrel as he spread his body the length of the green suet feeder. He worked efficiently, with skill and balance, to gather up as much birdseed as he could. His entourage was on the ground below working furiously to eat whatever he dropped.

Intrigued with the scene, we strolled over to the back door to unlock the deadbolt. With all that sun out there surely the forsythia had started to bloom. I wanted to be sure to get a picture of the tiny yellow blooms. We both thought a walk around the patio to take in the sun would be a good idea. Besides, I couldn't continue to watch as the squirrels pilfered from the bird feeder.

I opened the door. The skies may have been a warm blue, but the temperature was nothing but cold. My cat barely even stuck his nose out the back door before he backed up and turned toward the warmth of the window seat. I tightened up my sweater and headed for another cup of coffee.

Too cold-- if the forsythia were out they would have to wait until the morning temperature rose above 30 degrees to be photographed.


  1. Lovely--we've been fooled by the bright sun too. Looks warm and inviting, but the cold temperatures and piercing winds are certainly not!

  2. Oh to have a window seat to sit in and soak up that early spring ( I refuse to say late winter anymore) sun! I love your writing - it built up nicely to that moment when the cold was still too biting. Well done!