Friday, March 18, 2011


I have never watched an entire episode of The Simpsons. Actually, I can't recall ever watching more than two minutes of the show. Really. So whenever my students and I are working on crossword puzzles in class I have to ask them for answers related to the show. Thanks to them I now know that Ned is the neighbor of Homer Simpson.

As sixth graders there are far more clues that they have difficulty with. Today's stumper was "______ and Stimpy." I was surprised. I understand they may not get "what happens to a record in the sun," as they have never owned a record and only know the word warp in connection to characters that warp in novels. But I expected them to know about cartoons. After all, they know everything about The Simpsons. It wasn't until tonight that I realized that Ren and Stimpy was on and off the air before they were born. Sure the Simpsons originated before Ren and Stimpy, but it's still in production today.


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