Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quite a Sight

I stood beneath the Air Force Memorial in Arlington this evening. From my perch upon the hill I had a beautiful view of the capital city. In the forefront stood the Pentagon, behind it the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Capitol. The Kennedy Center lit up the Potomac River as the National Cathedral glowed in the distance.

And then the moon appeared in the eastern sky. It wasn't just any moon--it was a super moon. It was a big, orange celestial sight-- one that added a nice exclamation mark to my hilltop view.


  1. So many important and overwhelming buildings all in one spot and you among them! What a great place to be! I wish I was viewing the supermoon this evening, but unfortunately we have clouds and rain here in Iowa. I'll make do knowing that you are where you are taking it in.

    -Carrie F.

  2. That must have been an awesome sight!