Friday, March 11, 2011

Long Ago But Not So Far Away

Most people who know me are aware of my interest in reading the daily obituaries. In fact, the one thing that's kept me from canceling my paper delivery is the interesting obits that I might miss out on.

Today I read about the passing of Ulysses S. Grant V, the great grandson of the president of the same name. I showed the write-up to the Social Studies teacher on my team and we both remarked on how amazing it was that someone so close to the history of so long ago lived in our lifetime.

My grandmother was born in 1903. I find it fascinating to think that she was alive at the same time as someone like Harriet Tubman who died in 1913. She was 17 when women were granted the right to vote. The times she lived in seem so far removed from me until I think of her place along that timeline in history.


  1. Interesting thinking! The world changes so quickly, this helps put it in perspective.

  2. It really didn't happen all that long ago and far away... as it seemed when we were kids anyway.

  3. So interesting, Mary. I, too, find the obits to be fascinating glimpses in to others' worlds - and at times another way to look at my own.