Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out of Customs

Mylar balloons bearing messages of "Welcome Home" hovered weightlessly above the anxious crowd. With each opening of the gray doors came a turn of heads. Necks craned to see if the wait was over.

The area designated for International Arrivals at Dulles Airport was a happy place yesterday. Yes, there was a small amount of restlessness in the air, but that was only because the group who stood around the perimeter of the arrival doors was tired of waiting.

A blonde-haired woman leaned against the sign she held to welcome Libyan evacuees. And then the door opened to reveal the evacuees. In an instant her arms were outstretched and ready to embrace a part of the group she was waiting for.

Young girls and boys squealed in delight as they ran toward fathers, mothers, grandparents and cousins. Young couples embraced. Smiles abounded.

It was all good.


  1. I love the first line, no the whole first paragraph.

    Happy slicing!

  2. Nice slice--you have captured a moment played over and over.
    I look forward to reading more


  3. Wow-this is such a powerful image - and hopeful. Great way to start slicing.

  4. I loved the ending and how you wrapped it all up. I can't even imagine how moving that had to have been to watch. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. This slice is vivid and alive in my mind. Thanks for sharing it today.

  6. Great slice! I'm totally going to be in that airport tomorrow! YAY for Dulles!