Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Dog's Life

The sun was out today and I was able to take full advantage of the weather by taking not one, but two walks outside.  This morning I met up with two friends and their dog for a walk on the local bike trail.  We kept our distance (sort of) and caught up on what's been happening in each of our online teaching worlds.  It felt great to connect and work through some of my own questions about teaching in this new normal.

This afternoon I caught up with an old college friend and walked around a nearby park that I'd never been to before.  Again, we caught up and worked through some of the anxieties both of us were feeling with this new normal.

One day.  Two walks.  Five miles.

I'm beginning to understand why all the dogs are so happy these days.


  1. I agree. Walks are the only thing keeping us sane.

  2. Yes, walks are key. Also, chocolate.

  3. Outdoor air feels good these days. My husband is pushing to get a new dog. I think it's starting to work because I keep finding myself on Happy dogs make for happy people.

  4. Aw, a dog's life. It's never occurred to me that Allie is working out all sorts of problems on her walk, but I love this perspective.

  5. Maybe this is the time for you to get a dog?