Saturday, March 7, 2020

Oh What A Beautiful Saturday

Oklahoma is by far, my favorite musical.  To be honest, I don't even know why.  As a kid, I was involved in many a musical- first as a member of the chorus and later as part of the backstage fun bunch.  Even with all that musical experience, I was never a part of the production of my favorite show.

I think it's that opening sequence when Gordon McRae belts out "Oh What A Beautiful Morning."

It was that kind of day in my neck of the woods today.  I was up early, feeling more rested than usual, with a shortlist of things to accomplish today.  By 1:00 pm I had been to Uhaul to have a trailer hitch installed and been to the gym for a bike ride. 

Blue skies and bright sunshine pulled me outside and I headed to a local park, Roosevelt Island, for a stroll.  Fresh air and sunshine were in abundance, as were kids, families, puppies and bird enthusiasts.  I took my time on the mile-long path that outlines the island.  I stopped to take in the shedding cattails in the marsh smiling as I listened to the wind whistle between the trees.  Traffic from the nearby highway could have been easily mistaken for rushing water, so it was easy to forget exactly where I was.

Rodgers and Hammerstein had it spot on when writing about a day just like this.  It's the kind of day that makes me feel like everything's going my way.


  1. The way you frame the post with the lyrics of the song is nicely done. Great slice!

  2. One of my favorite places...and one of my favorite songs. I've been known to belt out that tune, too. I love so many phrases in this one, but when you mention the traffic that might as well have been rushing water, I remember--it's all about mindset.