Wednesday, March 4, 2020


My students are participating in their own Slice of Life Challenge.  Some kids are posting as

part of a 100-day writing challenge that will take us pretty much to the end of the year. 

Others are posting as part of a weekly homework assignment and still others are trying

to post at least 20 times throughout the month so they can win a prize.

With a day off yesterday, a number of students posted.  They wrote about how they

slept until 11:00 and all the Tik Tok videos they watched.

Today was my turn.  

Thanks to a well-timed doctor's appointment I was off today.  I'd like to say that I slept

until 11:00 but that didn't happen.  I was hopeful that I'd sleep until at least 8:00 but

by 6:00 am my body had all the sleep it needed.  That was fine with me though because

it meant I could linger over a second and a third cup of coffee.

I had a pleasant trip to the doctor and followed that with a physical therapy

appointment for some back issues I've been dealing with.  Back PT means moist heat,

some deep tissue work and a few exercises to get me back to 100%. I left feeling much

better than when I walked in the door.

Extra time meant I cooked a real dinner tonight that included protein and

vegetables--a far cry from the cereal I ate for dinner on two occasions last week.

Tomorrow I expect I'll return to work feeling refreshed...

much like I'm sure my students felt today.


  1. Isn't it nice to get a chance to reset? I'm glad things went well today and that you've had a chance to breathe.

  2. It will be your Thursday Monday semi-Friday!