Monday, March 2, 2020

Duck, Duck, Duck...

Twelve-year-olds surprise me almost every day.  The most recent surprise came on Thursday as my nine homeroom students gathered to bid farewell to homeroom member Salma who was moving back to Egypt.

I brought in donuts to ease or sorrows as we said goodbye to one of our own, but my 9 students had an even better idea for amping up the celebration.

"Okay," Henry yelled, "We definitely need one last game of Duck, Duck Goose with Salma!"

A chorus of yes erupted from the rest of the group and before I knew it all the desks were pushed aside and the nine were seated in a circle on the floor.

For the next five minutes that small group of 12-year-olds acted much younger than their age.  Somewhere along the course of the school year, this collective of kids had found a common bond of a game from their childhood.  Homeroom time doesn't often leave time for such games but enough opportunities had arisen throughout the year, thus allowing me the joy of seeing a small bond form within the group.

We talked about Salma in homeroom today.  We're missing one of our group.  Luckily, she'll most likely be back in the area in a few years.  So my homeroom students may run into her again in high school.

In the meantime, I'm sure there will still be a few more games of Duck, Duck Goose.


  1. Aw, this morning was such a warm send-off for Salma. It's funny to think of all those ducks running into one another again in high school. Here's hoping they won't lose their sense of fun.

  2. That's so cute! No matter how mature they may think they are, they're still kids!

  3. You do a great job establishing the camaraderie that your group has. What a warm and fuzzy post!

  4. I love that this post reveals the innocence still alive in young adolescents. Nice -