Sunday, March 15, 2020

Singing Along

I have returned home after a quick trip north and boy, am I glad to be back in my own comfy home. So far, I've stayed away from watching too much news but the little I've seen appears to confirm my thought that we haven't experienced the worst of things yet.  I have small moments of worry- not panic- just a little worry.  You see, I've never been a fan of the unknown.

Fortunately, I am a pragmatic sort of thinker.  Even if one part of my brain worries the other part moves through the day doing what needs to be done.  So tonight, I've got sheets in the washer and other clothes in the dryer as I start a big house clean.

There are plenty of other mindless distractions as well.  Earlier this evening, a friend alerted me to the fact that the movie "Moonstruck" was playing on cable.  Thank you, Turner Classic Movies, for giving me a little lift.  It's not even necessary to watch the entire movie-- all I need is the last 30 minutes to make me smile and sing along--

In Napoli where love is king

When boy meets girls here's what they say

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie

That's amore

When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine

That's amore

Even better, it's just the kind of earworm I can use over the next few...?


  1. Love this line: "I've never been a fan of the unknown." You had me there! I am with you, not a fan. Hope the housecleaning went well!

  2. And now an ear worm for your readers :)
    Your approach to worry does work. Think of how tidy our houses will be.

  3. I love this song - and now it is stuck in my head as well. I appreciate your sharing your worrier type - I totally relate.