Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Maryland, My Maryland

It was on this day in 1634 that the first European settlers landed on St. Clements Island in my home state of Maryland.

Even though I've lived in the neighboring state of Virginia for the last 30 years my heart has always belonged to Maryland.  I can't say for sure why but thanks to my own family research I guess I'd say Maryland has been in my blood for a long, long time.

Robert Middleton, my 8th great grandfather, was born in England but came to Maryland somewhere around 1671, a mere 37 years after those first European settlers. His family settled off the Potomac River in present-day Charles County. Since his arrival, there have been Middletons living around the Potomac River and the nearby Chesapeake Bay.

At some point, those Middletons took a trip across the bay and settled in the small fishing village of Rock Hall on the eastern shore of Maryland. 

It's hard to argue with all that Maryland history and all those Middletons that dotted the land along the western and eastern shore of the bay.  I can only guess those people stayed in Maryland because they liked it there- they found a damn nice place to live and never bothered to look further.

I think they were right--and this former Marylander looks forward to returning to her home state.

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  1. Good ol' Merlin! I hear they have good crab cakes there, too.