Thursday, March 19, 2020

Days Like These

My students have been posting to our daily discussion board as they have been working on their own Slice of Life writing challenge.  I've been enjoying the connection with them and hearing about how they are spending their time:

Yesterday I went biking with my mom. It was fun, except it took my mom five minutes longer than me to get up this one hill close to our house. We went to Iwo Jima because I like biking down the stairs over there. I was chugging up the hill and after the dang hill, I sat there for 5 minutes waiting for my mom to catch up, and then another five minutes waiting for her to drink water and get ready to go. Overall it was pretty fun and those stairs at Iwo Jima are still really fun to go down.

 Today I got up in a good mood. I decided to make bacon and pancakes for breakfast. I put it on the griddle and right as it got on it smelt so good. Right away, I wanted to just eat it all for myself. The grease splattered all over me and it soaked into the hot griddle. I had to touch it a couple of times and my hand would like burn. While I was waiting my mom showed me an email that said my state championship gymnastics meet was canceled for good. The seasons over. All in all, I did great and I’ll talk about that tomorrow. Back to bacon, once it was done I tried a piece and I was in heaven. It was so good.

Yesterday, I played tug of war with my dog. He won every single game. He is way stronger than me. Right now, my dog is asleep right next to me. He is curled up in a ball and breathing very slowly.

Yesterday I was at the park with my sister when our friend Maya came and started carrying long sticks back to her house. While Isabella was on the swings I asked Maya, “ What are you doing?”
Maya simply replied, “Making a house with sticks without parental help, wanna help?”
”Sure!” I said because at the time that sounded fun.
Maya, Isabella, and I walked to her backyard where we had to saw of other branches and take all of the bark of the sticks. It took us forever just to do 5 of the sticks! We did over and over again and by the time we had to go home, we only did 15 sticks. Today I am going back over and continuing. It will take forever.
Today my sisters taught me how to knit, I didn’t know how to before I think it’s really interesting how people like to do this or some people even have it as a hobby.
I'm glad to see the resiliency in my students.  I know they are anxious about the current situation but I also know we will all get through it together.


  1. Reading this is like watching a kaleidoscope of slices, showing life going on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well this is precious. I love it. Keeps you connected, gives them the correct sense that you want to be, and it helps them live like a writer and write! Brilliant and adorable. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. The historical record becomes richer every day thanks to slices of life!

  4. This made me smile! Bacon, dogs, bike rides, and stick forts are very effective mood-lifters.