Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Bump in the Road

With the turn of a switch my day went from Yay! to Yuck!  
I woke up feeling great after a restful night of sleep.  My lunch was packed, my coffee was made and I was out the door thinking about my lesson in English today. Excited to finally start the writing challenge with my students I stepped out the door and welcomed the warm weather, heading to the car with a little spring in my step.
What a difference a few seconds can make.
My car.  
Would not start.  
Just thinking about it now makes me sad- not that I’m all that emotional about car problems.  No, I’m emotional about spending money I don’t want to spend.  No matter what, it seems like every time there’s something wrong with my car I’m out anywhere from 600- 900 dollars.  It doesn’t happen that often but it just happened about a month ago, so it would be nice if I could get a little break before the next car mishap.

I took a deep breath and called for help.  Thankfully, I have friends I can count on when needed.  Being chauffeured to work allowed me to do a little problem solving.  Later I’ll get a ride back home and see if I can get the car to the shop.  My internet research tells me it could be the starter, the ignition switch, or a faulty battery cable.  Hopefully whatever it is will come with a price tag below $200.


  1. UGH. I have to tell you that I can't find one of my credit cards. And I'm totally pretending that it's not a big deal. Of course it is. But my brain keeps saying: I can't deal with one more thing! This one more thing is going to put me over the edge! And you got your one more thing. But look--you're still alive and breathing. And slicing! Tomorrow I'll deal with my lost credit card. Today I'll slice. (Good job!)

  2. Bummer - I'm so sorry that happened. I was totally with you at the start - you pulled me in and then whomped me over the head. Happy to help with rides if you need.

  3. And in between, I hope your English lesson was as good as you'd hoped.

  4. Thanks for the driving advice on the way in this morning!

  5. Bummer! Let me know if you need transportation assistance!