Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Enjoying the View

My students are beyond excited to finally be writing some fiction and from what I can see they have a pretty good handle on each of the stories they are crafting.  

One young lady, who has had some rough spots this year, has apparently been inspired by her own 6th grade life.  Yesterday I asked Tonya what her story was about.

"Well," she began, "it's about a girl named Tonya.  She started out hating school.  She never did her homework and always had lunch detention.  Then she started liking school.  She did her homework and did well on her tests and even got on the Wall of Honor."

I smiled, "That sounds like a great story!"

I watched as my special education inclusion class worked this afternoon.  They were focused on their writing and talking quietly with their writing partners.  

My co-teacher and I sat back and enjoyed the view.

--> Believe me, it's not like that every day.

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  1. Yay - success! Congratulations - you all have worked hard for it.