Friday, March 10, 2017


So I got called into the principal's office today.  It seems all that community I thought was being developed with our March Writing Challenge had hit a snag.  Some posts had created a bit of drama on the team and problems escalated.  My principal had heard from a parent.

First of all, the time I spent in the office was nothing but pleasant.  It was not at all the way I had imagined it might be way back when I was in school.  Being an adult helps, right?  We had a great discussion of the problem at hand and made a plan for the best way to make sure all parties involved felt better about the situation.

In the end I think the problems have been responded to in the best way possible.  All involved parties seem happy with the solution and the weekend is here.

Tonight I put my feet up and sipped on an icy, cold IPA.  I called my sister to tell her about my day.

I just hope she didn't tell my mom I was in the principal's office.

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  1. That anxiety of going to the principal's office never leaves us, does it? Glad your visit turned out well. And I hope your sister keeps your secret.