Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Can We Talk?

These last days of March are weary ones indeed.  My desk is a clutter of haphazard papers and tiny Post-it notes that have been around for so long that they often leave me stumped by my own cryptic messages to myself.

Today I had a rather negative interaction with a student.  It didn't feel good and I went in search of the counselor for some advice on how to best repair this frayed relationship.  This young man and I have had some ups and downs over the year.  I see him as someone who is testing the limits.  Some days it feels like he's more interested in testing his behavioral limits than stretching his academic self.

I get it.  I know that's part of being a middle school teacher, but it's hard to ignore at times.

I asked him to see me at lunch- hoping for a quick discussion, a little redirection and a pep talk.  The young man's body language assured me that was not going to be happening.  I could discuss, redirect and pep talk all I wanted but he wasn't going to hear it.  His wall was up and as strong as the snarl in his lip.

I cut the talk short, realizing it wouldn't matter what I said.  He may have felt victorious but I sure didn't.  

That meeting gnawed at my brain the rest of the day.  Finally around 2:00 I went in search of the counselor hoping she'd offer me some insight on the child and a path we could take together to bring out the best in our student.

--> The turn-around is going to take some time, it usually does.  We didn't completely solve the problem, but I must say talking with the school counselor always makes me feel so much better!

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  1. So true--school resources are for teachers too!